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Risk Alert Bulletin - December 2018

AIIF Master Policy amendments: Only practitioners who have a valid Fidelity Fund certificate on the date of the cause of action will have indemnity.

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Risk Alert Bulletin - November 2018

Correctly designating investment accounts; attorney's practice pitfalls and preventing professional negligence claims; and is your practice ready for the Legal Practice Act?

Practice Management

Fidelity Fund Certificates - 2019

The secure online application and certificate issuing portal to apply for Fidelity Fund certificates is open, and the deadline has been extended to 31 December 2018.

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LSSA clarifies confusion

The LSSA continues into the Legal Practice Act dispensation as a voluntary, representative, professional body for attorneys and the Legal Practice Council has not replaced it.

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Into operation today

The Legal Practice Act comes into operation and the Legal Practice Council has taken over the regulation of the profession from today, 1 November 2018. 

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LPC Council members elected

The names of the 10 attorneys and 6 advocates elected to the Legal Practice Council have been announced by the National Forum on the Legal Profession.

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Remaining chapters

A letter from Robert Burawundi about changes to the remaining chapters of the Legal Practice Act which are scheduled for implementation on the 1st of November.

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Support efforts

The LSSA urges all to support efforts to transform the legal profession through the soon-to-be-announced Legal Practice Council.

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Legal Practice Council elections

Voting for Legal Practice Councils opened on 19th September and closes at 17h00 on 28th September 2018.