Law Reports

A duty to protect

25 March 2010

A conveyancer has a duty to reasonably protect the interests of both the buyer and seller even though he is instructed by one of them - here the seller.


08 April 2010

Rockbreakers and Parts v Rolag Property Trading (498/08) [2009] ZASCA 102 - Alienation of land - non signed suspensive condition counter offer.


15 April 2010

Northview Shopping Centre v Revelas Properties (275/09) [2010] ZASCA - Section 2(1) Alienation of Land Act - authority of agent not a member of a CC, signing on behalf of it.


12 May 2010

Simcha Properties v San Marcus Properties - s288 of Companies Act - directors authorisation by sole shareholder to dispose of company's sole asset.


16 September 2010

Solarie v Solarie and Others - Cape High Court stamps down City of Cape Town's housing policy in favour of Muslim women.

Zoning – be warned

07 October 2010

Jack Crook highlights a recent High Court case which sounded a warning to developers not to rely on the local authority to know the correct zoning of one's property.

JR 209 Investments

12 March 2009

JR 209 Investments (Pty) Ltd v Pine Villa Estates (Pty) Ltd (617/07) - Validity of a deed of sale of land; whether the description of property alienated was sufficiently clear.

Dolphin Whisper

16 April 2009

Dolphin Whisper Trading 10 (Pty) Ltd v The Registrar of Deeds and Another - Developer's real right to extend and section 25(13) of the Sectional Titles Act.


07 May 2009

Ashington & Another v Body Corporate of Dryden Hall & Another [2009] JOL 23405 (D) unfulfilled suspensive conditions.


28 May 2009

Sheriff of the High Court, Hlabisa & Nongoma v Shobede: In re FirstRand Finance Company Ltd [2009] JOL 23544 (KZP) - cancelling an execution sale.

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