Law Reports


21 August 2013

Booysen and Others v Booysen and Others 2012 (2) SA 38 (GSJ) - application of section 2 of the Alienation of Land Act to the sale of land by a surviving spouse.


19 September 2013

Nedbank Limited v Mendelow NO - if there is no intention by a beneficiary to transfer ownership of immovable property, registration does not effect such transfer.

De Klerk

03 October 2013

Minister of Agriculture v De Klerk: whether conveyancer agent of seller or of purchaser in receiving payment of the purchase price from purchaser before payment due to seller.

Haviside v Heydricks

28 November 2013

Haviside v Heydricks and Another - voetstoots clause, applicability and interpretation thereof to seller’s statutory noncompliance with municipal bylaws.


19 January 2012

Rademeyer v Viljoen and Another (69/11) [2011] ZASCA 189 (3 November 2011) - necessity for property buyers to expressly agree that the deposit be held in trust pending transfer.


10 May 2012

Johl and Another v Nobre and Others (23841/2010 [2012] ZAWCH 20) - servitude of right of way, what constitutes reasonableness in exercising it.


07 June 2012

Ngwenyama v Mayelane & another concerns the interpretation of s 7(6) of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act, and raises a conveyancing question.

Yonda Investments

30 August 2012

Yet another warning to have your sale documents professionally checked before you sign them comes from a recent North Gauteng High Court case.

Royal Hotel

20 September 2012

Royal Hotel v Simon NO - interpretation of a praedial servitude to park, breach thereof and the erection of a building on a substantial portion of servitude area.

Dubs v Dubs

01 November 2012

Jack Crook comments on the recent case of Dubs v Dubs which highlights the potential pitfalls of joint property ownership between (married and unmarried) couples.

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