Law Reports


05 November 2015

Ellis and Another v Cilliers N.O and Others: Latent defects and the voetstoots clause, interpretation and application thereof.

Mounthaven (Pty) Ltd

19 November 2015

Ethekwini Municipality v Mounthaven(Pty) Ltd: a reversion clause concerning a failure to erect a building is a "debt" which prescribes if not acted upon by the seller.

Quartermark Investments

06 February 2014

Quartermark - Sale of immovable property which is induced by fraud is null and void if there is no intention on the part of the owner to transfer ownership despite registration.

Kingswood Golf Estate

27 February 2014

Jack Crook highlights that buyers and sellers are bound by the written sale agreement and no evidence may be given of its terms except the document itself.

Stronger demolition remedy

27 March 2014

Dyecomber (Pty) Ltd underlines the growing readiness of courts to order demolition of any building work carried out without approved plans (or otherwise unlawfully).


17 April 2014

Basfour 2994 v Registrar of Deeds: Free State Townships Ordinance 9 of 1969 - registration of deeds of transfer in respect of erven sold subject to suspensive conditions.

Habitat Council

17 April 2014

Min of Local Govt v Habitat Council: Land Use Planning Ordinance 15 of 1985 - all zoning and subdivision decisions lie within the competence of municipalities.

The mother of disputes

29 May 2014

A recent High Court case highlights the dangers of cohabiting without entering into a formal cohabitation agreement, particularly when substantial assets are acquired jointly.

Insolvent after selling

05 June 2014

Relebipi Properties CC - Whether a buyer is entitled to the transfer of a property when the seller is declared insolvent after the agreement was entered into.

Royal Anthem

17 July 2014

Royal Anthem Investments - rouwkoop clause, interpretation of "all amounts" after the sale fell through; liability of conveyancer for interest on amounts stipulated in the order.

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