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Neighbours behaving badly

07 July 2016

Bad neighbours can cause serious harm to your property's value. So if you notice illegal building activity next door, move quickly to nip the problem in the bud.

The unsigned sale agreement

04 August 2016

The strange case of a falling out between a buyer and a developer after transfer, over a plot and plan in which the sale agreement had only been signed by the buyer.


08 September 2016

Gladwin v Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality: The Municipality’s entitlement to disconnect or refuse to supply electricity or water based on amounts owed by a prior owner.


08 September 2016

Jack Crook discusses a recent case in which the owner of the house was evicted from it as an "unlawful occupier” because of a registered right of habitation.

Remember the VAT

20 October 2016

Jack Crook reports on the recent case of Gerber v Naidoo which highlights how forgetting about VAT in the excitement of the sale can be a costly oversight.

At last - S118(3)

10 November 2016

Municipalities may not hold new owners of properties liable for municipal debts older than two years under Section 118(3) of the Municipal Systems Act No 32 of 2000.


15 December 2016

Brodsky Trading: Estate agent company converts to a CC; EAAB not advised of conversion; original fidelity fund certificate issued to non-existent company is invalid.

Spotter's fees

02 April 2015

Robert Krautkramer writes that the case of Haigh Farming (Pty) Ltd v E G Elliot Real Estate CC (14175/13) [2014] does not say that a spotter’s fee cannot be claimed.

Your house in a trust

30 April 2015

The recent Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) judgment of WT and Others v KT illustrates what happens if your home is registered in the name of a trust and you get divorced.

Randburg Management District

22 October 2015

Randburg Management District v West Dunes: Gauteng CID Act 12 of 1997 - levies imposed by a city improvement district not validly formed are not recoverable.

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