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Don't touch my ducting

12 October 2017

Jack Crook discusses a recent case about a dispute involving an HOA as to whether or not Telkom was obliged to share its ducting facilities for fibre with Vodacom.

Mokone v Tassos Properties

02 November 2017

Is a pre-emptive right in a written lease renewed automatically when it's extended, and if so does it need to comply with the formalities of the Alienation of Land Act?

Closing down the guesthouse

09 November 2017

Jack Crook discusses a recent case in which disgruntled neighbours approached the courts to have a neighbouring guesthouse closed down.

Wierda Road

14 December 2017

Lease: National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act – lease agreement not invalid and unenforceable by ss (4)(1) and 14(1), read with s 4(4) and s 14(4)(a) of the Act.

Secure your commission

04 February 2016

Jack Crook discusses a case where it was held that FCCs must be issued in the name of the relevant Co or CC and another which underscored clarifying "trading as".

The S118(3) Monster - I

11 February 2016

Peter Livanos has some sound advice for sellers with outstanding municipal debts following the recent judgment of City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality v PJ Mitchell.

The S118(3) Monster - II

18 February 2016

Chantelle Gladwin discusses the implications (but not the correctness of) the Supreme Court of Appeal decision in City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality v PJ Mitchell.

Object properly

31 March 2016

Jack Crook discusses a recent High Court case that shows the danger of neglecting to give sufficient detail about a property when objecting to its municipal valuation.

Property and trusts

28 April 2016

Jack Crook considers the recent judgment of Smith v ABSA Bank Limited which yet again demonstrates the need to be careful and to use attorneys when dealing with a trust.

Sinking alterations

02 June 2016

Jack Crook examines a recent High Court case which underscores how vital it is to ensure that amendments to an offer have actually been agreed to by both seller and buyer.

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