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Lexis® Library Time Select

12 April 2018

Small firms can now access South Africa’s most comprehensive online legal content - Lexis® Library - and only pay for the time they use.

Cyberfraud and Fraud Protocol

19 April 2018

UK: The Conveyancing Association (CA), has published a revised version of its Cyberfraud and Fraud Protocol.

For the future

17 May 2018

Are you building a law firm which will benefit from the future - asks Emmie de Kock in a wide ranging article in De Rebus?

Legal Citator - Authoritative research

11 May 2017

Legal Citator meets the challenge of legal research by giving users an accurate well researched and authoritative legal argument to support their case and arguments.

Understand the technology

18 May 2017

Law Practice Today: Three compelling reasons are given and expanded upon as to why solo and small firm lawyers need to understand their technology.

Cyber newsletter

08 June 2017

UK: The Conveyancing Association has just launched its new Cyber Newsletter which covers cyber-related issues and provides advice and support to conveyancers.

Innovation in the digital era

17 August 2017

The advantages of automated systems: Innovation and technology go hand-in-hand where the faster, holistic, and more self-sufficient solution is constantly being sought.

Artificial Intelligence disrupter

07 December 2017

AI is going to have a significant impact on legal practices and clients are challenging them to take a lead in offering progressive services and solutions.

Your competition is growing

11 June 2015

A survey of 160 small law firms reveals that they can only remain competitive by running their practices on strict business lines and by pro-actively marketing themselves.

Email v Social Media

30 October 2014

Jack Crook shows how and why legal practices should integrate the various benefits of email and social media to make every cent of their marketing spend count.

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