Property Practitioners Bill Commentary - 5

07 March 2019

In the final instalment of this series Deon Welz discusses property practitioners and consumer protection and concludes with a number of salient observations.

Trust citation

07 March 2019

A question has been asked about the citation of a Notarial Deed and Deed of Transfer, wherein the Trust was cited without any reference to resolutions being made.

Web Bytes - 719

07 March 2019

This week: Getting out of paying HOA fines; business owners should hold off on expanding spaces; and Legal Practice Council Provincial Elections have started.

POA question

14 March 2019

A question about the High Court rules for a proper signature of Powers of Attorney for acceptance in a deeds registry (both in South Africa and Namibia).

Web Bytes - 720

14 March 2019

This week: Price and service transparency's importance; the Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund warns about a recent legal scam; and more of the same for house prices.

Avoiding Trust rejection queries

20 March 2019

John Christie provides some elementary rules and guidelines to assist in avoiding the unnecessary rejection of deeds where a trust is involved.

Absa to use Lexis®Sign

20 March 2019

As from the 26th of March a number of ABSA Home Loan documents may be signed digitally using Lexis®Sign, a LexisNexis digital signing platform.

Web Bytes - 721

20 March 2019

This week: Provincial Councils results; a crisis in Western Cape’s construction industry; and how can small conveyancing firms compete with large law firms?

Beware unlawful occupiers

20 March 2019

Buyers - establish whether anyone is living in the house you want to buy, exactly who they are, how long they have been there, and on what basis - Jack Crook reports.

Behavioural disputes

28 March 2019

Daniël Van Zyl discusses a number of behavioural disputes in community schemes and how they are dealt with under the CSOS Act, No. 9 of 2011.

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