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Wasted costs question

A question about liability for wasted conveyancing costs payable to the conveyancer where a transaction is cancelled due to the non-performance by the seller.

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This week: Mid-Term Report by the Co-Chairpersons of the LSSA; court should demand reserve price in execution sales; and drones are useful for commercial real estate.


Clearance Certificate(s) question

Noëlene van der Wal wants clarity on the following question: "Who has to pay for the levy clearance certificate and who has to pay for the rates clearance certificate?".

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This week: Sectional title owners can oppose Airbnb letting; increase your chances of securing a rental; and house price indices by major province and major metro.


A quiet revolution

Australia: A wide ranging interview with Marcus Price, CEO of PEXA, which is spearheading the property industry’s transition from paper to digital settlements.

Sectional Titles

Paddocks Press - August 2017

The August newsletter includes: What has changed about proxies; who pays for repairs; and must the trustees send levy statements to owners in ST schemes?

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Web Bytes - 649

This week: Proposed Property Practitioners Bill will have far-reaching effects; residential building statistics; and upfront pricing information is important for consumers.

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A zero cost calculator

A transfer, bond cost and repayment calculator is a must have tool for a conveyancing practice website. Paddy Crook, goes into the details, and it is 100% free.


S118: Cpt - Automation of refund

City of Cape Town: The "Instruction to Process Refund" form has become mandatory in the automation of refunds for the final seller account(s) in the S118 process.