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POA question

A question about  the High Court rules for a proper signature of Powers of Attorney for acceptance in a deeds registry (both in South Africa and Namibia). 

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Web Bytes - 720

This week: Price and service transparency's importance; the Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund warns about a recent legal scam; and more of the same for house prices.


Property Practitioners Bill Commentary - 5

In the final instalment of this series Deon Welz discusses property practitioners and consumer protection and concludes with a number of salient observations.


Trust citation

A question has been asked about the citation of a Notarial Deed and Deed of Transfer, wherein the Trust was cited without any reference to resolutions being made.

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Web Bytes - 719

This week: Getting out of paying HOA fines; business owners should hold off on expanding spaces; and Legal Practice Council Provincial Elections have started.


Deemed receipt of income

In which year of assessment must a property developer include the purchase price if payment is received in the following year of assessment?

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Paddocks Press - January 2019

The January edition includes: A balanced picture of the CSOS; withdrawal of permission to keep pets; and who scolds tenants when they break the rules?


Property Practitioners Bill Commentary - 4

Deon Welz discusses applications for Fidelity Fund Certificates (FFCs) and related aspects such as the prohibition of rendering services without an FFC.

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Web Bytes - 718

This week: Residential building activity in line with previous years';  risks affecting the sustainability and viability of law firms; and firms wise up to conveyancing scams.