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A giant leap - 2

Mark Heyink argues that the small step of replacing a paper document with an electronic one and a pen signature with an electronic one is indeed a Giant Leap for conveyancing.

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Buying extra property to extend

Dudley Lee has a difference of opinion about owners extending their sections when buying common property under Section 24 of the Sectional Titles Act.

e-Conveyancing New

It actually is faster

Cher Chapple underscores the point that the issuing of electronic rates clearance certificates is a lot faster than paper based systems. 

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This week: The future of real estate is here ... at the Rode-Reim Real Estate Conference; SA houses are valued at R5.3 trillion; and embracing proptech is the future for conveyancers.

Sectional Titles

Paddocks Press - July 2018

The newsletter includes: What you need to know about replacement trustees; unpacking the requirements for special resolutions; and can trustees be paid?

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This week: e-Conveyancing could cause delays; time to disrupt the real estate status quo; and Residential property indices.


A giant leap

In an historic development for the conveyancing processes, the South African Deeds Office has registered its first electronically signed property transfer.


Lexis® RatesClearance

Lexis® RatesClearance is a trusted, secure and quicker all-in-one rates clearance management system used by more than 67 councils countrywide.

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This week: Cape Town rentals becoming more affordable; V BRICS Legal Forum 2018; Credit and mortgage advances; and don't let relatives keep you on a string.