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For the future

Are you building a law firm which will benefit from the future - asks Emmie de Kock in a wide ranging article in De Rebus?

Sectional Titles New

Paddocks Press - April 2018

The newsletter includes: Insuring owner-installed upgrades; management by a single executive agent; and the use of drones in ST schemes.

Web Bytes New

Web Bytes - 680

This week: Bond approval statistics on the rise; City of Cape Town House Price Indices; and why does conveyancing take SO long?


Lexis® Tracker

Lexis® Tracker meets the need for a secure, online, real-time, automated, matter reporting and messaging platform for conveyancers to keep their clients updated.

Web Bytes

Web Bytes - 679

This week: Loophole closes for sectional title levy defaulters; increased lending positive for property market; and property market’s slow start in 2018 could be misleading.


Resolving disputes

Jack Crook discusses the advantages for landlords and tenants in using the Rental Housing Tribunal to settle their residential housing disputes. 

Web Bytes

Web Bytes - 678

This week: increasingly sophisticated fraud; subdued household credit and mortgage growth; and could parking lots become obsolete?


Newsletters work

Which is why they are used, but as Jack Crook explains, their marketing magic fails when conveyancers make too many mistakes in their client newsletters.

Sectional Titles

Paddocks Press - March 2018

The newsletter includes: Eleven actions trustees can approve in sectional title; electing a home owners’ association director; and the CSOS and disputes.