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Paddocks Press - May 2017

This month's newsletter includes: Maintenance of the common property; CSOS fidelity insurance; and forcing an owner to give up a common property garden.

e-Conveyancing New


Payment Exchange South Africa (PEXSA) - is the first South African application to provide a secure online payment settlement gateway for property transactions.

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This week: HOA space registrations should be checked carefully; flat-line rental growth comes alive; and residential construction shows double-digit growth to April.

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This week: Property fraud is on the rise and buyers and sellers should be vigilant; property buyers value lifestyle; and cut your price and get the jump on other sellers.

IT & the Lawyer

Cyber newsletter

UK: The Conveyancing Association has just launched its new Cyber Newsletter which covers cyber-related issues and provides advice and support to conveyancers.


Occupancy Certificates

Jack Crook discusses Occupancy Certificates - what they are, who must obtain then, how they protect you and when, why and how you need to apply for them. 

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This week: The ins and outs of a commercial lease deposit; older buyers are showing the power of home equity; and the May house price property barometer.

Sectional Titles

Section 4(2) application

Allen West discusses s 4(2) of the Sectional Titles Act which provides relief when a scheme is opened on more than one piece of land which can't be consolidated.

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This week: Understanding the terms of your rental deposit is critical; April credit and mortgage advances; and don't panic if your landlord goes broke.