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Beacon question

Does the law require that at the point of transfer, the land must be physically defined, if one considers that between 50% to 60% of the beacons that define property are missing?

Sectional Titles New

Paddocks Press - December 2017

The newsletter includes: Body corporates imposing fines; extending your boundaries in a sectional title scheme; and the binding nature of HOA architectural guidelines.

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Web Bytes - 663

This week: Property developers may face cash flow challenges with VAT relief termination; early cancellation of a residential lease issues; and building stats.


2018 Conveyancing Seminar

Allen West's overview of the recent Registrars' Conference Resolutions and what you need to know to lodge deeds and documents in 2018 - a MUST for conveyancers.

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Web Bytes - 662

This week: 2017 turned out to be the 3rd consecutive year of house price growth slowdown, but ended on stronger note;  and disputes between neighbours should not end up in court.


The year that was - 2017

As the year approaches its inexorable end, we cast our eyes over a number of the most newsworthy conveyancing articles and stories which we published in 2017.

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Web Bytes - 661

This week: EAAB refutes claims of 50 000 illegal estate agents; the difference between an HOA and a Body Corporate; and NSW to digitise home buying.


A smooth transfer

Jack Crook gives three tips to help you achieve a smooth and hassle-free transfer if you are buying or selling property this festive season (or any other time for that matter). 

Sectional Titles

Paddocks Press - November 2017

This month's edition includes: consider duet sectional title schemes when you can’t subdivide; body corporates and bank accounts; and audit and financial reporting documents.