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Bona vacantia mortgage bonds

Allen West submits that National Treasury has the full legal capacity to sign the consent to cancellation of a bona vacantia mortgage bond.

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LSSA Advisory

On 29 August the LSSA issued an Advisory about Transfer Duty Receipts and a Checklist of supporting documents for conveyancers.

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This week: Modern online auctions under scrutiny; declines in average home maintenance levels; and the type of security municipal deposits give a municipality.


In a foreign currency

Allen West raises and discusses some points about reflecting the purchase price in a Deed of Transfer, or an amount in a Mortgage Bond in a foreign currency.

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This week: UK government urges property sector to crack down on money laundering; household credit and mortgage balances grow; and residential mortgages.


A proper construction

Wiseman Bhuqa gives a proper construct of the provisions of Section 43 of SPLUMA in order to curb the prevailing prevarications in its application.

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CSOS Practice Directive 02/2018

Community Schemes Ombud Service Practice Directive 02/2018: Further information about procedures and content requirements for dispute resolution applications.

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This week: The difference between 'ordinary' home loans and 'building' loans; the idea of a digital property logbook; and residential building statistics.


Honesty is the best policy

When selling your house,disclose all defects you know of to potential buyers, or risk expensive litigation and damages claims - Jack Crook reports on a recent High Court case.