23 September 2015

GhostChat is transforming conveyancing communication.

Instant chat has revolutionised the way consumers and clients engage with businesses and each other, and this technological feature has the capacity to transform the conveyancing world.

GhostConvey recently released a software update with the most prominent new development being GhostChat, a tool allowing attorneys and secretaries to communicate and share necessary documentation instantly and securely.

Communication between conveyancers working on linked matters is key to ensuring the efficiency and speed of a transaction. With this development in South Africa’s leading conveyancing software, as soon as a matter is opened and validated, the attorney or secretary dealing with the linked bond or transfer is easily identified. It is then possible to send messages quickly via this instant chat tool, accessing and communicating relevant information as well as sharing all necessary documents.

This platform is completely secure, ensuring that all information is shared and stored safely. Each message is date and time stamped for easy reference later, offering a full audit trail. In addition, the Absa Guarantee Hub is fully integrated with GhostChat, allowing guarantee requests for Absa bonds to be sent with greater ease directly in the chat window, further speeding up the process of requesting and issuing guarantees.

“This has to be one of the most exciting, positive and successful features we have launched, and our customers are taking to it like it has always been there”, explained Lee-Ann King, National Deployment Manager for Korbitec.

Since its launch at the end of August, it has been clear to see that this has been a much anticipated tool, and that conveyancing professionals are making the most of having a simpler and more efficient way of communicating. The use of GhostChat has skyrocketed from the day of its inception, with more than 940 attorney firms having made use of this feature in the first month.

This adoption of a new feature is unparalleled and seems set to increase further as more firms see the benefit of secure and instant communication on all conveyancing matters. Ewald Scheepers, CEO of Korbitec said, “We have been very excited to launch this feature and have been overwhelmed by the response from our customers. It is really wonderful to bring something to market for which there is such a clear need.”

For more information about GhostChat and how to enter the Chat to Win competition currently running, contact Korbitec on 0861 987 123.

Reader Comments: 4
Alida Hartzenberg 23/09/2015:

Brilliant idea and it is free!!!! Will definitely be using same at our firm Guthrie Colananni. Also attended Ghostconvey Transfers training today and was really helpful as a Conveyancer to understand what secretaries work with everyday!

Wendy Tolken 25/09/2015:

We at Rabia Sayed Attorneys are using it, and it is an asset to our Company.

Annah Masenya 30/09/2015:

It is quick and friendly user.

Magda 30/09/2015:

This is just a more efficient way of communicating with other attorneys. GhostChat is great.

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