Registrar's Circulars

Chief Registrar's Circular 16/2014

Change in the Registration Number of Companies

  1. The purpose of this circular is to address a change in the registration number of State owned companies, in instances where the last two digits of a company's number have changed. The Companies Act No. 71 of 2008 is silent in this regard.

  2. The following procedure must be followed
  1. If the amendment arises from an act of registration as covered by regulation 44 of Act No. 47 of 1937, it is unnecessary for a formal application. The amendment can be done by means of a factual endorsement.

    Rubber stamps must be purchased by the deeds registries from their own funds,and must read along the following lines:

    The registration number of .......................... changed to


    Registrar of Deeds                                     Date:

  2.  Where a deed is lodged with the specific purpose of affecting an amendment to the registration number therein, an application in terms of section 3(1)(v) of Act No. 47 of 1937 to this effect will be necessary.

  3. Examiners must note that deeds must not be amended in terms of section 4(1)(b) of Act No. 47 of 1937.

Chief Registrar's Circular 16 of 2014

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Corrie 05/12/2014:

Does the same apply to if the Company Name Change and the registration number remains the same?

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