General New

Foreign Court Orders

Nkuba Ngoasheng discusses the recognition and applicability of foreign court orders and judgments as supporting documents.

Property24 New

Property 24/10 - 458

This week on High-tech roll-out a big challenge for SA homes market; buy to let tax deductions; and what happens to the deposit if a buyer cancels a sale.

People & News New

Social Justice Conference - II

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng will be the keynote speaker at the Conference on Transformation Through Mediation – Addressing Family Realities & Societal Issues.

IT & the Lawyer New

The Future of Reputation

A new law and policy forecasting report looks at the potential legal implications of our “reputation economy”, where social standing becomes a commodity or tradable currency.

Web Bytes New

Web Bytes - 734

This week: Law firms wanting to participate in National Wills Week must register; mixed use developments grow in popularity; and divergent building activity trends.


Lexis® Convey Transfers Course

The Lexis® Convey Certified Transfers Course is a self-paced online Transfers Module course accessed via Lexis Convey for Lexis Convey customers.


Property 24/10 - 457

This week on Cape Town house prices are 'cooling off'; be clear about fixtures and fittings; and property stocks vs buy-to-let investments.


Removal of restrictions - VII

Wiseman Bhuqa discusses the removal of restrictions in the Northern Cape and North West, with an emphasis on their removal in terms of legislation.


Signed but I want a better offer

Jack Crook discusses the value, caveats and implications of the “72-hour”, “continued marketing” or “escape” clause when used in Offers to Purchase.

Web Bytes

Web Bytes - 733

This week: Major shake-up for LLB degree following report; a recovery expected in rental growth in coming months; and super commuters changing property profile.