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Beacon question

Does the law require that at the point of transfer, the land must be physically defined, if one considers that between 50% to 60% of the beacons that define property are missing?

Sectional Titles New

Paddocks Press - December 2017

The newsletter includes: Body corporates imposing fines; extending your boundaries in a sectional title scheme; and the binding nature of HOA architectural guidelines.

Books New

Practitioner's Guide 2018

The Practitioner's Guide to Conveyancing and Notarial Practice by Allen West is the most comprehensive treatise on the registration of deeds and documents at the Deeds Registry.

Property24 New

Property 24/10 - 387

This week on Unpacking affordable housing for SA's needs; the relevance of show days; and additional water charges: what if you live in a sectional title scheme?

Web Bytes New

Web Bytes - 663

This week: Property developers may face cash flow challenges with VAT relief termination; early cancellation of a residential lease issues; and building stats.


2018 Conveyancing Seminar

Allen West's overview of the recent Registrars' Conference Resolutions and what you need to know to lodge deeds and documents in 2018 - a MUST for conveyancers.


Property 24/10 - 386

This week on What you can expect from SA's property market in 2018; benefits of buying and selling at auction; and top tips for long distance home searches.

Web Bytes

Web Bytes - 662

This week: 2017 turned out to be the 3rd consecutive year of house price growth slowdown, but ended on stronger note;  and disputes between neighbours should not end up in court.


Property 24/10 - 385

This week on ANC elections set to boost SA property prices; SA property trends, predictions and hotspots for 2018; and achieving financial freedom.

Registrar's Circulars

Registrar's Conference Resolutions 2017

At the annual registrars’ conference held recently, 26 matters which affect conveyancing and notarial practice were discussed and resolutions taken.